Entertainment by Ricardo F. Lo
The Philippine Star
August 21, 2008
Adobo Nation
Interviewed by Jaja Bolivar
The Filipino Channel
June 29, 2008
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Travis Kraft:  The White Dude Who Loves Pinoy Culture
Asian Journal SF Magazine, Interviewed by Joseph L. Peralta
A Household Name in More Ways Than One
Asian Journal SF Magazine, by Joseph Pimentel
July 11, 2008
17th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture
Pt. Fermin, San Pedro, CA
September 6-7, 2008
Kababayan LA. - LA18
Interviewed by Jannelle So
October 16, 2008
An American Cooks Filipino Cuisine
Hawaii Filipino Chronicle, Interviewed by Ashley Monfort
November 1, 2008
Travis Kraft - Model Turned Cyber Chef
Hey! Magazine, Interviewed by Sharon Santos
November-December, 2008